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All airlines flying to Argentina arrive mainly at Ezeiza (“Ministro Pistarini”) International Airport, which is 37 Km away from the City of Buenos Aires. You can reach the city by Teniente General Ricchieri freeway (Information: Tel. 5480-6111).
Company Manuel Tienda León (Av. Madero and San Martín, Tel. 4315-5115) offers a bus service from 5.00 a.m. to 10.30 p.m. This service costs $ 70 (Argentine pesos), and the trip takes approximately 40 minutes. There are also taxis and chauffeur-driven rented cars (from $ 170 to $ 270).



Remember that in the southern hemisphere seasons are the opposite to those in the northern hemisphere. In general, the summer is the best time to visit Patagonia and the Southern Andes because of the mild temperatures and long days. Wintertime is recommended for travelling to the North and Northwest as rains are less frequent and tropical temperatures drop a few degrees. Autumn and spring are marvelous in Buenos Aires, Cuyo and the pre-mountain range areas of La Rioja and Catamarca.


By Plane

Due to the country’s large size, planes are best to travel long distances, and you can then take overland transportation to get to your final destination. Buying Airpass Visit Argentina in your own country, you’ll obtain more economical prices for flights within Argentina. por Aerolíneas Argentinas / Austral, Aerochaco, Andes Líneas Aéreas, LADE, LAER, LAN Argentina and Sol Líneas Aéreas.operate domestic flights.

Domestic flights and flights to Uruguay depart from Jorge Newbery Airport, located to the north of the city beside the Río de la Plata.


VAT return

You may obtain a VAT reimbursement to any purchases of local products made for an amount over $70 (per invoice) in shops operating with the “Global Refund” system, as follows:

  • Jorge Newbery Airport (in Buenos Aires), at Telecom telephone booths.
  • Ministro Pistarini International Airport - Ezeiza, Terminal A, 1st Floor.
  • Ministro Pistarini International Airport - Ezeiza, Terminal B, Ground Floor.
  • Jorge Newbery Airport (in Buenos Aires), at Telecom telephone booths.
  • Ing. Ambrosio Taravella International Airport (in Córdoba), at Telecom telephone booths.
  • Ing. Francisco J. Gabrielli International Airport (in Mendoza), at Telecom telephone booths.
  • Bariloche International Airport, at Telecom telephone booths.
  • Tancredo Neves International Bridge (in Puerto Iguazú), at Telecom telephone booths.
  • Buenos Aires Port, Northern Dock, Buquebús Terminal, information desk.
  • Buenos Aires Port, New Port, Quinquela Martín Cruising Terminal, from October to April.