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Useful Information

All the preparations that you have to take into account before traveling


Valid Passport (bear in mind the minimum valid period prior to expiry required by certain countries).

Argentine Identity Document

Mercosur Identity Document (Cédula de IdentidaddelMercosur) or National Identity Document(DNI).

Travel permit issued by father and mother as per the new regulation of the National Migration Office.

Marriage Certificate including registration of birth of minor/s or Birth Certificate of the minors if they are travelling with both parents.

Airline ticket.

Vouchers for land services.

Medical insurance and/or luggage insurance.

Valid driver´s licence (Argentine driver´s license and international driver´s license if travelling to Europe).

Valid international credit card.

Authorization for travelling outside the country for minors.

As of 31 March 2006, as per provision N° 31.100/2005 of the National Migration Office, the new authorization forms for minors to leave the country alone or in the company of a third party are the only valid form of authorization.

Documents not formalised

Adults and minors will not be allowed to travel unless they possess a DNI. A slip attesting that the National Identity Document (DNI) is being processed will not be considered sufficient.


Documents must be in a proper state of care; must have front and back covers and inside pages firmly attached. All data contained therein – both written and punched - must be fully legible. Photographs must be properly attached and must bear the elements that associate them with the document (stamps, fingerprints, signatures).


We recommend that you check flight departure time48 hs. in advance of the schedule with the airline. Although departure times are specified in the flight plan, these may be modified. When you contact your airline, you will be informed the time you must be at the airport. It is advisable to inform the airline of your hotel or other accommodation. If you are not in a city, flight reconfirmation must be done as soon as you reach a city. Failure to comply with this may result in a cancellation of reservations.

If any flight in the itinerary is modified, or if you do not show-up in time to embark for any confirmed flight, you will be required to reconfirm the rest of the itinerary. Failure to do so will cause the reservation system to automatically cancel all subsequent flights.


If you are considering cancelling an airticket, please check the restrictions applicable to your airfare in case of a change of date, cancellation or return of the ticket.


(Check applicable rules with each airline company)

Hand luggage: A piece of luggage that can be placed under your seat or in the overhead compartments (maximum measurements allowed are 55 x 40 x 20 cm. and no more than 6 kg. in tourist class, and 9 kg. in intermediate or first class). This regulation may vary according to the airline.

Luggage check-in: Domestic flights: 15 Kg. in tourist class - 30 Kg. in Executive.

International: Piece Concept (per item):on flights to/from the USA, Canada, you will be allowed two pieces weighing up to23 kg. each, and whose measurements should not exceed 157 cm. (length + width + height).

By weight: Rest of the world.

Tourist Class: 20 kg. in luggage.

Intermediate Class: 30 kg. in luggage.

First Class: 40 kg. in luggage.

Rules relating to luggage check-in may vary according to each airline. Check with each airline.

Children between the age of 2 and 12 have free luggage allowance. Those under the age of 2 years pay only a 10% airfare and are entitled to no luggage, except for a pram, Moses basket or cot.

Any luggage additional to the allowed amount is considered excess luggage (as a general rule, excess luggage pays 1.5% of the regular one-way tourist class fare per excess kilo on flights from Argentina to Europe). This rule may vary from one airline to another, and the airline is entitled to accept or reject excess luggage.

Important: All luggage must be properly marked with adhesive labels containing the full name and permanent address of the owner to facilitate recovery in case of misplacement. We also advise travellers to check that the city code on the adhesive labels delivered at the check-in counter indicates the city to which the luggage has been dispatched.

Lost luggage: If upon your arrival at an airport you cannot locate your luggage, do not leave the airport without making the corresponding luggage claim with the Airline it arrived on. Ask for a copy of the claim form and notify your traveller assistance service. This will be the sole form that will enable you to obtain any compensation in the event that your luggage does not turn up. If your luggage is lost in a hotel, you must also make the corresponding claim as indicated by your insurance service.

Customs: You must declare any imported photo cameras, video camera, computer and other electronic devices you are carrying with you at the customs desk.

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